The ad agency
that works
for ad agencies.

Les Argentins provides creative services for pitches and clients of advertising and communication agencies.

Founded in Buenos Aires and Paris in 2007 by Didier Zakine and Mariano Favetto.
Today we are open for businesses from Argentina, Mexico, France, Germany, Canada and the US, developing partnerships with communications agencies, consultants and production houses.


Mix a French adman doing an MBA in Buenos Aires with an Argentinean creative director back from a sabbatical in Paris and a country that has been a big contender in the Gunn report for years and you have a pretty interesting new type of agency.
An agency where each half is 11,000 km apart, an agency that scales up for each project an agency that works exclusively for other agencies; an agency called Les Argentins, the Argentineans.

So you’re just freelancers?

No. We are a structure that helps the CCO, ECD and CD when they need to go outside for talent. Because Mariano, our CD, manages the teams and presents the work directly pre creative directed. We show you team options, you choose who and we get to work.

What do you do?

We call it White Label Advertising. We do the work you need but in the shadows. It can go from just big ideas or thought starters for your local teams to full TV production with our partners in Argentina. We have provided turnkey solutions for pitches where we took care of 100% of the content, just found the right designer for a great idea and in one case we even act as the creative department for a worldwide agency.


Some have been with us since day 1, others we just met. Many we know from our past.
These are the people we work and partner with, those that become more than clients, producers, directors, photographers or creatives, they become amigos.

The Founders


Didier Zakine

Didier learned his craft in France, in the marketing departments of Gemey Maybeline and later Elseve, at the heart of the L'Oréal Groupe. He then joined the Publicis Group and afterwards the French agency Venise as Commercial Director. Over the years, he has accompanied advertisers such as L'Oréal, Givenchy, Kodak and Iams Eukanuba. At the beginning of 2008 he moved with his family to Argentina, to complete an MBA before creating Les Argentins. He is married to Jessica - Architect - and has three children: 12, 10 and 3 years old, Even, Eléa and Amos. In 2011, the family decided to return to France to get closer to their loved ones and to focus on the development of Les Argentins in Europe.

Mariano Favetto

Mariano began his career in Lautrec Saatchi & Saatchi, the most creative Argentine agency at the time before embarking on a world tour on behalf of Saatchi & Saatchi, agency of the Publicis Groupe. He worked as Creative Director in the New York, Toronto, Sydney and Paris offices, charged with Toyota, Sony and Procter & Gamble campaigns. His films, seen all over the world, have been awarded over 150 prizes in the best advertising festivals. He co-founded Les Argentins where he occupies the role of Creative Director. He is also married to a Jessica - Advertising Accounts Director - with whom they have two children: 18 and 15 years old Lucca and Massimo.




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16 rue du Congres
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Montreal, QC,


  • Board Palace Linear Argentina
    Limited Edition
  • Black Grunge Argentina Flag
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  • Dulce de Leche /
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