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Wix France

With entrepreneurs on the rise, customization everywhere and the web advancing at an incredible pace, it is normal to see DIY digital solutions appear. From designing your cards online and receiving them in the mail, to blogs and image galleries, there are websites for everything. So much so, that now you can even create your own website on a website. Wix is a company based in Tel Aviv with worldwide reach and a simple compelling promise: create your own professional looking website for free.

For their launch in France, they felt that the communication they had elsewhere was not working and wanted something more in tune with the culture and clear as to the user friendliness of their process. We decided to show how one could create the website as if one was creating something in real life with one’s own hands, using tools and elements you had lying around and knew how to use. Not only did the TV spot have so much success that it aired for a second season, the Jade & Gabi website template was one of the most popular.