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Samsung for Cheil

Technology is a complicated category in which to stand out. Sometimes your product has a breakthrough and can be presented as something totally different and other times the innovation is incremental or hidden under the covers and much less evident. When we received the brief from Cheil there was an international campaign concept which was “Designed for infinite possibilities” and a desire to position the technology as a tool for artists. The top product attributes that enabled these infinite possibilities were predictive text and the stylus interface.

We explored both by imagining how we could enlarge these seemingly mundane benefits into something larger than life. In the end, we decided to create a wall of phones (400 in total) and use them as a canvas for a street artist: Mambo. It was not an easy feat, but with the help of Juan Mathé and Wally Wallingre of WTF/Chicle we were able to pull it off. Mambo even created an app based on the artwork: an infinite digital work of art that can be explored by moving around and zooming in and out.