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Reproquinol for Vetoquinol

Vetoquinol had a range of products that help in animal reproductive issues, a very large range, complicated and wordy and not particularly as interesting as reproduction itself. They had the vision to create the umbrella brand Reproquinol and asked us to find a way to make this compelling and fun. That was the word: fun. We always like to approach projects looking for a way to flip the proposition to cut through the clutter. In this case, it was working with what most people believe about animal reproduction: that it is easy, and what we know about human reproduction… it is not always easy and sometimes we need a little help.

We imagined the iconic reproduction machine, the rabbit, needing a little bit of inspiration to get the job done. The result was an ad that not only had great commercial success, but also won industry awards, including a regional Grand Prix. Not bad for a bunny with performance issues! It was such a big hit that we created more ads with other ways the bunny could try to boost his libido or find the right partner for Valentine's Day. As a special end of year gift, we even produced a sexy calendar with pin-up bunnies.