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Vattenfall for Scenarii

Like most other countries, France had a sole energy provider that delivered only one type of energy and did not discriminate as to how it was generated. Today we are much more conscious as to how energy is created and have a choice as to what we want to buy and who we want to buy it from. One of the latest offers on the market is Vattenfall, the one-time sole energy provider in Sweden that has expanded throughout Europe and has a vision to go fossil fuel free within one generation. The brief we received from Scenarii was clear as to the offer but also about the fact that the French were not very motivated to switch for sustainable reasons and afraid that leaving their old sole provider would mean power outages. But at the same time, they were in awe of anything Swedish. From design to socialism, everything that encompassed the Swedish Model was trending.

We had a bit of fun imagining the lengths Swedes would go to in order to save the planet and the visions these initiatives would conjure up in a French person’s mind. Then we brought in a bit of calm to the public by letting them know we wouldn’t be asking for any sacrifice from their part and we would do the heavy lifting and even pass on the savings. The campaign was created in a modular fashion, consisting of vignettes that could be edited together into longer ads or work alone. That could work with or without sound and in lengths from 10 to 45 seconds. This was in order to customize the asset for all uses from TV spots and billboards to digital videos and banners.